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Voice of Ezidis focuses on three areas of action in its fight for the defense of the fundamental human rights of the Ezidi people and the eradication of the ongoing discrimination they endure.

Education & Awareness - Education is a crucial step in ending the injustices faced by the Ezidi community, and the only way through which we can hope to achieve to build a society aware of the Ezidi community’s existence and prior traumas. This is why the mission of education is at the core of all our actions.


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Integration - Our organization is strongly involved in the sponsorship, settling and protection of refugee Ezidi women and children in France. Voice Of Ezidis assists newcomers in their access to services, promotes the rights of children and youth and helps in refugee resettlement.

Lobbying - Voice of Ezidis collaborates with stakeholders at the local, national and international level - such as the French Ministère of Intérieur to put forward concrete proposals for the protection and support of Ezidi refugees.

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