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House Building

In partnership with EagleWatch Foundation and Shingal Charity Organization, we are taking part in the rebuilding of the Sinjar region!

House Building

After the invasion of ISIS, the Sinjar region has been completely destroyed. Entire villages were reduced to ashes, fallen under the bombs of the terrorists and the international coalition.

Initiated in 2018, this project aims at relocating displaced people in the Sinjar region and offer them a proper house. It started with a single house, built at the initiative of our president, Farhad Shamo Roto, and went on on being a project funded by EagleWatch Foundation.

So far, 67 houses have been built and 3 new ones will soon be under construction.

You can help us to more by donating or getting involved in our projects. Please visit our different pages in the Get Involved section.

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